Spratly Islands: Romance of the Three Kingdoms

By: The Happy Angler, April 19, 2011 | 0 COMMENTS

Recently, when I was organising our old copies of Rod & Line, I remember coming across the issue for September 2009. The front cover featured an article on the SC Pro Team fishing at Spratly Islands, a popular fishing spot selected for the Labuan IGFA International Tournament.

Even though the trip made by the SC Pro Team was a short 4 days and 3 nights, they certainly had a field day fishing. God, that giant dogtooth tuna that Dennis landed was probably around 30-40 kg, and could probably feed a few families in a week (not that they actually kept the fish, I’m sure they released it back into the sea, like many of the magnificent catch that you see here).

Giant dogtooth tuna which Dennis landed.


As the team shared,

There are not many places in Malaysia where you are almost always guaranteed of some decent fising, the offshore watery kingdom of the Spratlys is one of them.

Indeed, the group that visited the Spratlys landed a great variety of fish, including GTs, Giant Kirisis, Bluefin Trevallies, and even Escolars.

If you’re interested to know how to truly enjoy deep-sea fishing, then you’d be happy to know that our friends has also shared some valuable tips on jigging and bottom fishing.

Download the article on Romance of the Three Kingdoms to learn more about the SC Pro Team’s trip to Spratly Islands in September 2009.


Products used in this trip include:


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