The SureCatch Titan series is built for serious popping game. Providing high performance at an affordable price as such, anglers will therefore not hesitate to explore a new area of shing application. You can expect amazing lifting power from this super lightweight and balanced rod, constructed to become almost an extension of your arm. The unique two-piece design has been proven to retain the performance of a one-piece rod, while allowing for easy travel to the most remote locations for the catch of a lifetime.

Model Pcs Length Type Cast Weight Line Weight
578-TTN662S 2 6’6″ Spinning 60g 15-40 lbs
578-TTN692S 2 6’9″ Spinning 120g 20-50 lbs
578-TTN702S 2 7’0″ Spinning 120g 20-50 lbs
578-TTN732S 2 7’3″ Spinning 150g 25-60 lbs
578-TTN762S 2 7’6″ Spinning 150g 25-60 lbs
578-TTN792S 2 7’9″ Spinning 180g 30-80 lbs


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