Powerbraid Salty

The sleek and powerful blanks of the Power Braidâ„¢ series are carefully constructed using quality graphite composites. The lightweight components are carefully selected to provide good rod balance and the striking contrast of colours used in the design further enhances its appeal.

Power Braidâ„¢ Rods

Model Pcs Length Type Action Cast Wt. Line Wt.
578-SPB562SPM 2 5’6″ Spinning M 5-15 g 4-10 lbs
578-SPB602SPM 2 6’0″ Spinning M 7-20 g 6-12 lbs
578-SPB702SPM 2 7’0″ Spinning M 7-25 g 6-15 lbs
578-SPB802SPM 2 8’0″ Spinning M 10-50 g 8-25 lbs


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