Monster Jig

Introducing newly developed saltwater jig series – Monster Jigs made with a strong alloy. The epoxy moulded 3D eyes and improved coating technology for an attractive holographic body provide a perfect draw to the attention of most saltwater fishes. Using a twirling action to achieve a greater depth, its life-like swimming action fools even the wariest and smartest fish ever!


  • Irresistible life-like swimming action
  • Attractive hologram finishing brings fishes from all directions
  • The unique bending body shape creates a deep drop spiral jigging action to achieve higher catch rates on a wider variety of fish species
Model Length Weight Hook Size
578-M040 70mm 40g 1
578-M060 80mm 60g 1/0
578-M080 110mm 80g 2/0
578-M0100 125mm 100g 2/0
578-M0150 150mm 150g 4/0
578-M0200 170mm 200g 5/0


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