Monsterâ„¢ hollow braid, great for wind-on leaders, topshots and knotless splicing.

Hollow Braid for tying assist hook

  • Jigging
  • Popping
  • Sea Fishing

Model : 578-10X1/(lbs no)/MONSTER

Length Available : 10m (10.94yds)

Color Available : Heavy Light Brown

Model Lbs Test Kg Test
578-10X1/80MONSTER 80lbs 36.3kg
578-10X1/120MONSTER 120lbs 54.4kg
578-10X1/160MONSTER 160lbs 72.6kg
578-10X1/200MONSTER 200lbs 90.7kg
578-10X1/250MONSTER 250lbs 113.4kg
578-10X1/300MONSTER 300lbs 136kg


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