Fast retrieving action, High abrasion resistance formula, Ultra sensitivity and extra toughness, Improved knot strength, High shock strength, Easy handling and casting.

Model: 578-0.25/(lbs no)TR , 578-100×6/(lbs no)TR , 578-600MX1/ (lbs no)TR

Length Available: 1/4 lbs spl, 6x100m, 600m spl

Color Available: Purple, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Pink

Thunder™ (1/4 lbs Spool Monofilament Line)

Model Diameter Lbs Test Kg Test
578-0.25/6TR 0.20mm 6lbs 2.7kg
578-0.25/8TR 0.25mm 8lbs 3.6kg
578-0.25/10TR 0.28mm 10lbs 4.5kg
578-0.25/12TR 0.30mm 12lbs 5.4kg
578-0.25/15TR 0.35mm 15lbs 6.8kg
578-0.25/20TR 0.40mm 20lbs 9.1kg
578-0.25/25TR 0.45mm 25lbs 11.3kg
578-0.25/30TR 0.50mm 30lbs 13.6kg
578-0.25/40TR 0.60mm 40lbs 18.1kg
578-0.25/50TR 0.65mm 50lbs 22.7kg
578-0.25/60TR 0.70mm 60lbs 27.2kg

Thunder™ (6x100m • 600m Spool Monofilament Line)

Model (100M) Model (600M) Diameter Lbs Test Kg Test
578-100X6/2.7TR 578-600MX1/5.9TR 0.22mm 5.9lbs 2.7kg
578-100X6/3.5TR 578-600MX1/7.7TR 0.27mm 7.7lbs 3.5kg
578-100X6/4.5TR 578-600MX1/9.9TR 0.30mm 9.9lbs 4.5kg
578-100X6/5.5TR 578-600MX1/12.1TR 0.32mm 12.1lbs 5.5kg
578-100X6/7TR 578-600MX1/15.4TR 0.37mm 15.4lbs 7kg
578-100X6/10TR 578-600MX1/22TR 0.42mm 22lbs 10kg
578-100X6/12.5TR 578-600MX1/27.5TR 0.50mm 27.5lbs 12.5kg
578-100X6/15TR 578-600MX1/33TR 0.52mm 33lbs 15kg
578-600MX1/35.2TR 0.55mm 35.2lbs 15.9kg
578-100X6/17TR 578-600MX1/37.4TR 0.57mm 37.4lbs 17kg
578-100X6/18TR 578-600MX1/39.6TR 0.60mm 39.6lbs 18kg


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