Eco Fibre

Surecatch® Eco Fibre braid™ line, a quality tournament grade braided line with 100% dyneema material which offers anglers maximum sensitivity.

Model: 578-100X10/(lbs no)EB , 578-300MX1/(lbs no)EB , 578-1000X1/(lbs no)EB

Length Available: 10x100m, 300m, 1000m Spool

Color Available: Dark Green

Model (100M) Model (300M) Model (1000M) Diameter Lbs Test Kg Test
578-100X10/12EB 578-300X1/12EB 578-1000X1/12EB 0.12mm 12lbs 5.4kg
578-100X10/16EB 578-300X1/16EB 578-1000X1/16EB 0.15mm 16lbs 7.3kg
578-100X10/20E 578-300X1/20EB 578-1000X1/20EB 0.17mm 20lbs 9.1kg
578-100X10/30E 578-300X1/30EB 578-1000X1/30EB 0.23mm 30lbs 13.6kg
578-100X10/40EB 578-300X1/40EB 578-1000X1/40EB 0.30mm 40lbs 18.1kg
578-100X10/50EB 578-300X1/50EB 578-1000X1/50EB 0.37mm 50lbs 22.7kg
578-100X10/60EB 578-300X1/60EB 578-1000X1/60EB 0.43mm 60lbs 27.2kg
578-100X10/80EB 578-300X1/80EB 578-1000X1/80EB 0.47mm 80lbs 36.3kg
578-100X10/100EB 578-300X1/100EB 578-1000X1/100EB 0.57mm 100lbs 45.4kg


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