The Dynabraid is a veteran in the range of SureCatch braided lines and its consistent performance and proven track records has established itself as one of the most popular braided line in the market.

Model: 578-100×10/(lbs no)DXT, 578-300×1(lbs no)DXT

Length Available: 100mX10, 300m

Color Available: Green

Model (100M) Model (300M) Diameter Lbs Test Kg Test
578-100X10/12DXT 578-300MX1/12DXT 0.12mm 12lbs 5.4kg
578-100X10/16DXT 578-300MX1/16DXT 0.15mm 16lbs 7.2kg
578-100X10/20DXT 578-300MX1/20DXT 0.16mm 20lbs 9.1kg
578-100X10/30DXT 578-300MX1/30DXT 0.23mm 30lbs 13.6kg
578-100X10/40DXT 578-300MX1/40DXT 0.30mm 40lbs 18kg
578-100X10/50DXT 578-300MX1/50DXT 0.37mm 50lbs 22.7kg
578-100X10/80DXT 578-300MX1/80DXT 0.47mm 80lbs 36.3kg
578-100X10/100DXT 578-300MX1/100DXT 0.57mm 100lbs 45.4kg


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