Cyclops 360 Caplight

The Cyclops 360 Caplight gives extreme brightness. With its 4 longlasting LED bulbs and tough durable body, the Cyclops 360 Caplight is able to give you all the reliability you need for a very long time. To give you the maximum comfort, the caplight is carefully designed in order to keep it compact, lightweight and fitted with a removable magnetic clip for clipping onto caps or adhesion to metallic surfaces. Powered by 2 CR 2032 batteries.

Suitable for: Fishing, home, hiking, camping, boating and automobile travel


  • 4 Longlasting LED Bulbs
  • Tough Durable Body
  • Removable Magnetic Clip for Clipping onto Caps or Metallic Surfaces


Model: 578-SCL18
Size : 70x55x Ø35mm
Total Length : 70 mm
Weight: 29 g
Bulb Type : 4 LEDs
Power : 2 x CR2032 batteries.

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