NTU Anglers’ Club Kelong Getaway 2015

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NTU Anglers’ Club organised a 2-day-1-night Kelong Getaway 2015 from 28th Feb to 1st March 2015. It was held at Chia Soon Kelong, situated in the south eastern coast of Johor, Pasir Gogok, Malaysia. Chia Soon Kelong is a traditional Kelong built on wooden stilts with floating fish nets. The purpose of the trip was to give participants a traditional and authentic cultural experience whilst taking a break from the rigour of academic stress and school life. It also aimed to build strong rapport among the participants in a relaxed and fun environment. SureCatch has been our long standing partner in many club events and have always sponsored our annual Kelong Getaway events. This year, web administrator of SureCatch, Isaiah, was really on the ball. He responded to our request quickly & efficiently to arrange for items such as weights, sabiki rigs and sotong jigs to fill up the event goodie bags. He even arranged for a member’s discount card so that the club could purchase other fishing equipment that we needed.


NTU Fishing Carnival @ Fishing Paradise, 1st March 2014

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An annual fishing event organised by NTU Anglers’ Club, the Fishing Carnival 2014 is a friendly competition that is opened to the public as well.


Singapore Inter Tertiary Fishing Competition, 16 Feb 2014

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Arguably a first of its kind competition in Singapore, Singapore Inter Tertiary Fishing Competition 2014 is a friendly luring competition organized by SIT Anglers club to promote community fishing among all Singapore tertiary angling clubs.

SureCatch is proud to be the main sponsor for this event that was held at Fishing Paradise. Participating institutions include NTU, Singapore Polytechnic, SMU, ITE Sports Fishing Club and SUTD.


SureCatch World Booth At China Fish 2014

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SureCatch World will be having a booth at China Fish 2014 to showcase the latest products from our house brands namely SureCatch, ATC, Zerek and Tiburon!


SureCatch World Mobile App

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SureCatch World app is now available for free download on both IOS and Android systems!


Nanyang Technological University Anglers Club (NTUAC) Kelong Getaway

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Sponsored by SureCatch and organised by NTU Anglers Club, the Kelong Trip 2013 occurred on the 28th and 29th of September 2013. The event was a two day and one night event held at Ah Fatt Kelong which is situated close in Pulau Sibu, Malaysia. A total of 30 participants joined us for the Kelong trip.


Nanyang Technological University Anglers Club (NTUAC) CCA Fair and Nanyang Lake Clear out

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NTUAC held a CCA Fair on 12 th- 14th August 2013 to attract aspiring anglers and newbies who want to pick up the sport. Sponsored by SureCatch, it was a success as they managed to recruit at least 50 members into the angling club.