Tips on fishing at Nanyang Lake

By: Fiona Leung, April 11, 2011 | 0 COMMENTS

Earlier last month, we were invited to a private fishing event at Nanyang Lake. The famed lake certainly lived up to its name; we reaped quite a considerable catch that day. (Read more about it here.)

If you do have the chance to have a go at Nanyang Lake (please get permission first though!), here are some tips on how to land more fish.

Experience from fishing at Nanyang Lake

To reap harvest from a new ground, one must have good understanding of the lake and the targeted fish species in the lake. After getting information, do seek advice from fellow anglers, forums, tackle shops. Most experienced anglers would not hesitate to share information and tactics on fishing.

Keli do bite on dough and bread bait, it seems that bait hung with a float is more effective. Upon hooking keli, allow the fish to swim off a few centimeters before striking the fish. The fight with keli is relatively short and do use a lip gripper to pull the fish out of the water.

Given the right environment, Patin can grow to enormous sizes. We targeted huge Patin and opted to use a reel equipped for higher strength and better smoothness to withstand the patin’s pulling strength over a longer fighting time. Investing in a good braided line which can withstand the drag and pull from patin is very important, as patin tends to swim off strongly, pulling a lot of line with it.

Fluorocarbon leader line would be my choice as it is not too thick and would not arouse the fish’s wariness. Fluorocarbon line also tend to be more stable in deep water as well.

For anglers who like luring, it is viable to use rubber fish bait and or swim bait like SureCatch Pargus (127mm). Patin and Keli in Nanyang Lake prefers to stay in the deeper water and sinking swim baits would be more effective then surface lures.

To catch Keli

  • 12 – 15 lb SureCatch Ecofibre braid line
  • 20lb – 30lb fluorocarbon leader (SureCatch Fluoromax)
  • SureCatch Cinza Reels CZF640
  • 7’0” Spinning SureCatch Bassshot Rod
  • Mustad hooks with beak size 4/0 to 5/0
  • SureCatch Monster Claw Gripper
  • 9gm SureCatch FW Series Float
  • SureCatch Pargus Live-Reno Swim Bait
  • SureCatch LiveShad Fish Bait
  • Bread
    • Fish Feeds

To catch Patin

  • 30lbs line
  • SureCatch Unity Reels UTF30
  • 6’6” SureCatch SureBite Elite II Rod
  • SureCatch Split Shot Sinkers
  • SureCatch Stainless Steel – Beak Ringed Size 4/0 to 5/0
  • Bread
    • Fish Feeds

Additional tips for female anglers:

  • Bring along sunblock lotion, cap or visor, sunglasses, insect repellents, wet tissues, fishing gloves.
    • Your may wish to protect yourself from the harsh UV rays with appropriate clothing that have UV protection.

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