On Board Best Bet With Captain Henry

By: AK, August 30, 2012 | 0 COMMENTS

Last Saturday, I had this opportunity to go fishing with my fellow colleagues on the “Best Bet” boat, which is very popular for Madai fishing and light jigging in Singapore. After hearing and reading a number of catch reports about “Best Bet”, I promptly agreed to join them when the opportunity presented itself.

Coincidentally, SureCatch just released the new Flasher Jig Micro which was perfect for this trip. We brought along the SureCatch Flasher Jig Micro in 15g and 20g to test its effectiveness in local waters.

In the morning, we asked the captain if we could try for some quality fish for dinner. Captain Henry gladly obliged and brought us to his snapper spot. To our delight, we caught a few groupers and parrot fish instead which were more desirable than snappers. I was very pleased when I landed my first fish; a grouper about 2 kg on rubber lure in about 20m deep water. My dinner was secured! 3 more groupers were caught using the same technique, but size of the fish were progressively smaller. At the same time, my colleagues were also landing parrots and groupers. With enough fish for the dinner, we decided it was time to “get jiggy”.

On the way to the jigging spot, we experienced strong winds and saw white caps forming. Henry decided we should take shelter quickly. Heeding his advice, we stopped over at a nearby island and moored at the jetty. It proved to be the right decision, as we were able to enjoy our lunch peacefully, dry and sheltered at the jetty. With a full stomach, we eagerly waited for the storm to pass by.

Instead of sitting around, Simon decided to start the ball rolling by jigging at the jetty with SureCatch Flasher Jig Micro, and scored a coral trout! The rest of us scrambled to get our fishing gear and started jigging like there was no tomorrow. Needless to say, Lady Luck only smiles on a select few. My Flasher Jig Micro foul hooked an unfortunate yellow soup fish, which came too close to satisfy its curiosity.

One hour and a half passed, the sky started to clear. We continued our way to the jigging spot, but were denied again by strong winds and currents. In the end we had to anchor near shore and wait it out. Melvin baits with live prawn and manages to hook up a table size coral trout. 2 coral trouts landed but not me, i was getting “jealous”.. Another hour passed without any action before the current started to slack.

After Henry had expertly maneuvered and anchored, we finally got to jig at last. We dropped our SureCatch Flasher Jig Micro down and the current took our 20g jigs to the drop off before we worked our Zerek Tamer Light Jerker with swift successive twitches. Upon nearing the surface, we would then release the line for the jig to sink and repeat jigging. On the fifth drop, I felt a very slight tug and I engaged the gears on my compact baitcast reel. Feeling the line taut, I instinctively set the hook. Beautiful bend on my loaded rod, line peeling, Fish On! Henry advised me to back down on the drag so that the mouth did not tear. The fish bravely fought on with a few runs and dives under the boat. A silvery sheen eventually materialized; it was identified as long fin Trevally or Sagai. For its size, it certainly put up a good struggle.

Soon it was my colleagues’ turn to see some action. Isaac landed 2 Sagai and a Jemuduk (Yellow Spot Trevally). Not to be outdone, Simon hit a good fish with a solid bend on his light action spinning rod and he lands his second coral trout on the SureCatch Flasher Jig Micro. In top form, Simon landed 2 more Sagai before the current went completely dead together with the action. We did a bit of drifting with no results, before calling it a day. In total we landed 21 pieces of fish with 6 Trevallies and 2 coral trouts on SureCatch Flasher Jig Micro. Considering that this was done in our local Singapore waters, we were satisfied with the day’s catch.  I certainly look forward to our next full jigging trip with Best Bet and Captain Henry.


First Coral Trout on SureCatch Flasher Jig Micro by Simon at the jetty while waiting for storm to pass.

Close up of Coral Trout with SureCatch Flasher Jig Micro. Colours abit faded by the time i found that there's no memory card in my camera and used Iphone instead.

First Sagai (Long Fin Trevally) landed on Flasher Jig Micro 20g.

Close up shot of Flasher Jig Micro GRN 20g.

Another Sagai (Long Fin Trevally) on Flasher Jig Micro 20g.

Simon with another Sagai.

Issac with his Jemuduk (Yellow Spot Trevally).

Simon with his 2nd Coral Trout.

Close up shot of the Coral Trout. Note the assist hook with Aurora thread. Seems to increase the hook up rate on the SureCact flasher Jig Micro.

All the trevallies and Coral Trout were catch on SureCatch Flasher Jig Micro.

Total 21pcs landed with the smaller ones released. Who says Singapore has no fish? Of course we have to thank Captain Henry for his good spots.

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