Effectiveness of SureCatch Sabiki Ultra Thin Rigs

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Specially designed to target all types of bait fish, SureCatch Sabiki Ultra Thin Rigs are proven to be effective in clear water conditions and areas under high fishing pressure despite the low diameter.


Jigging Trip Rompin Mid October 2012

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View the catches for the jigging trip using SureCatch 3E and Flasher Jigs!


SureCatch Elite II VS Golden Snapper

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See what our SureCatch Elite II has gotten!


Spratly Islands: Romance of the Three Kingdoms

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Recently, when I was organising our old copies of Rod & Line, I remember coming across the issue for September 2009. The front cover featured an article on the SC Pro Team fishing at Spratly Islands, a popular fishing spot selected for the Labuan IGFA International Tournament.


A Private Fishing Affair at Nanyang Lake

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Some time back, a few of us from Siow Chiang were invited to a private fishing event at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. The famous Nanyang Lake is heavily protected and only anglers with permits were allowed to fish there, but perhaps that may also be the reason why people have been able to catch fishes over 14kg in this lake.


It’s time for the girls to get the catch

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Fishing can reduce social distances and encourage friendship and sportsmanship. In a world of fishing, barriers of language, cultures and racial differences are broken down, as the language of angling is universal across all cultures.