On Board Best Bet With Captain Henry

By: AK, August 30, 2012 | 0 COMMENTS

Last Saturday, I had this opportunity to go fishing with my fellow colleagues on the “Best Bet” boat, which is very popular for Madai fishing and light jigging in Singapore. After hearing and reading a number of catch reports about “Best Bet”, I promptly agreed to join them when the opportunity presented itself. More

SureCatch Sepit Biru Prawning Hooks

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SureCatch Sepit Biru Prawning Hooks was tested in Thai freshwater river well known for Giant Big Head Prawns. Let below pictures reveal the effectiveness of SureCatch Sepit Biru Prawning Hooks.

SureCatch Sepit Biru Prawning Hook Size available from #1 to 6. 20pcs per pkt.


Hampala Creek

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It was a field day at Hampala Creek, 14 Nov 2009.

Learn what our fishermen caught during our weekend trip at Hampala Creek, located about 2 hours from Singapore.