NTU Anglers’ Club Kelong Getaway 2015

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NTU Anglers’ Club organised a 2-day-1-night Kelong Getaway 2015 from 28th Feb to 1st March 2015. It was held at Chia Soon Kelong, situated in the south eastern coast of Johor, Pasir Gogok, Malaysia. Chia Soon Kelong is a traditional Kelong built on wooden stilts with floating fish nets. The purpose of the trip was to give participants a traditional and authentic cultural experience whilst taking a break from the rigour of academic stress and school life. It also aimed to build strong rapport among the participants in a relaxed and fun environment. SureCatch has been our long standing partner in many club events and have always sponsored our annual Kelong Getaway events. This year, web administrator of SureCatch, Isaiah, was really on the ball. He responded to our request quickly & efficiently to arrange for items such as weights, sabiki rigs and sotong jigs to fill up the event goodie bags. He even arranged for a member’s discount card so that the club could purchase other fishing equipment that we needed.

On the first day, participants reported to the designated meeting point, Changi Village Ferry Terminal at 8.30 am. Once everyone had arrived, a safety briefing  was conducted by the NTUAC Executive Committee (Exco) members to ensure the safety of participants. A first-aid kit was always within reach at all times. The group then proceeded to clear Singapore Customs and boarded the bum boat for the first leg of the journey which was a 45 minute boat ride to Tanjong Pengelih in Pengerang to clear the Malaysian customs. After the customs process, there was another short boat ride to the Kelong.

1 7 6 5 4 3 2 Upon reaching the Kelong, participants helped to unload the equipment from the bum boats and onto the Kelong. It was approximately 12 noon once everyone had been allocated sleeping quarters and had explored the facilities offered at the Kelong. After lunch, Exco members officially declared the event open by issuing out the sponsored goodie bags to the participants. The goodie bags contained freebies such as “sabiki rigs” and squid jigs from SureCatch, a copy of HOOKED magazine, sun block and the event T-shirt. Exco members also conducted an introductory fishing lesson in order to allow participants who were new to fishing to have a fruitful fishing experience.

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  Drinks such as fruit punch, hot tea & coffee were complimentary. Dinner was served early at around 5pm, after participants had fished for nearly 5 hours. Most of the participants had caught their first fishes by this time and some were having amazing catches.

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  After dinner, participants went back to fishing. They enjoyed the delicious meals provided at the Kelong. At around 11 pm, NTUAC also set up a barbecue pit for participants to enjoy their fresh catches along with other food such as watermelon, chicken wings, sambal stingray, hotdogs and “gong gong”. Everyone was having a wonderful time.


    During the boat ride back to Singapore, Exco members gathered general feedback from participants. The general consensus was that they had thoroughly enjoyed the Kelong trip. It was a good opportunity for them to relax and enjoy life out of urban areas. All participants safely returned to Singapore Changi Village Ferry Terminal at 11 am on 1 March 2015, without sustaining any injuries during the trip. The 26th Executive Committee had worked hard for this event to be executed successfully. The event would not have been possible without the support of the SAO and the generous sponsorship from SureCatch and HOOKED. NTUAC looks forward to the continued support from these organisations and future opportunities to work together.


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